A calendar table can be immensely useful, particularly for reporting purposes, and for determining things like business days between two dates. I often see people struggling with manually populating a calendar or date dimension table; usually there are lots of loops and iterative code constructs being used. In this tip I will show you how to build and use a calendar table using a set-based solution that is powerful and easily customizable. I build calendar tables all the time, for a variety of business applications, and have come up with a few ways to handle certain details. Sharing them here will hopefully prevent you from re-inventing any wheels when populating your own tables. One of the biggest objections I hear to calendar tables is that people don’t want to create a table. I can’t stress enough how cheap a table can be in terms of size and memory usage, especially as underlying storage continues to be larger and faster, compared to using all kinds of functions to determine date-related information in every single query. Twenty or thirty years of dates stored in a table takes a few MBs at most, even less with compression, and if you use them often enough, they’ll always be in memory.

Dumbing Up

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An EEG technicial places the electrodes in specific areas, according to internationally agreed-upon criteria. The names of the electrode sites use alphabetical abbreviations that identify the lobe or area of the brain which each electrode records from:. The localization of the brain waves within the brain regions or lobes is further narrowed by adding electrodes, which are given numbers such as T3, T4, P3, P4.

Even numbers identify electrode positions on the right side of the head, and odd numbers refer to the left side. The label “z” points to electrode sites in the midline of the head. For example, Cz refers to the midline central region of the head. These combinations of electrodes are called ‘montages’. Being able to locate the origin of electrical activity “localization” is critical to being able to interpret the EEG tracings meaningfully.

The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation is to lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.

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I’ve been working with date-time data on a recent project, and I’ve come across a few SAS programs that have “opportunity for improvement” when it comes time to create reports. Or maybe I haven’t, and I contrived this entire blog post so that I could reference one of my favorite quotes from the movie Animal House. Suppose we have a data set that contains a collection of measurements over a one-year period, each with a time stamp that shows when the measure was captured.

Here is a DATA step program that creates a sample data set, generating just over , rows of random measurements with a bit of variation built in for visual interest later :. The “classic” method for reporting on this data is to use a line plot to show the time series, as shown by this program and plot:. But sometimes we want to report further on the characteristics of the data, to answer questions such as “how many measurements were captured for each month?

Sometimes while creating these reports, programmers decide to prepare the data further by creating new categorical variables such as a variable for the day of the week, or for the month and year. For example, I’ve seen snippets such as this:. First, it requires another pass through the data and additional storage space for the output. Yes, with a more clever construction we could make sure that there is a leading zero for single-digit months, and that would help The person who wrote the above code forgot about the power of SAS formats.

Using SAS formats, you can “recast” your variable for analysis to create a category from values that are otherwise continuous.

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Version 2: Using Date class

Our tutorials reference a dataset called “sample” in many examples. If you’d like to download the sample dataset to work through the examples, choose one of the files below:. Recall from the Informats and Formats tutorial that a format in SAS controls how the values of a variable should “look” when printed or displayed. For example, if you have a numeric variable containing yearly income, you could use formats so that the values of those variables are displayed using a dollar sign without actually modifying the data itself.

There will be some situations where SAS built-in formats do not fit your needs – for example, nominal and ordinal categorical variables.

In this program, we first define a SAS library called tutorial that’s mapped to the file folder C:/Documents/tutorial. This is where our formats will.

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format takes a date-time value and converts it to a month-year appearance. SAS procedures such as MEANS, FREQ, SGPLOT, and most others.

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SAS Tutorials: User-Defined Formats (Value Labels)

The ‘Neumann Bottle’, the first ever mass produced condenser microphone. Diameter: 9 cm, height: 40 cm, weight: 3 kg. Telefunken, a subsidiary of AEG, took on the marketing rights to this Neumann microphone. The R 21 was a portable disk recorder for electronic news gathering. While stationary disk cutting lathes engraved the signal in heavy wax disks, the R 21 used gelatine foil as its recording medium. Early on, Neumann also developed measuring equipment such as this Level Recorder, which was able to draw frequency response curves on wax paper.

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You can freely use our templates for your commercial or personal purpose. Please contact us if you have any question. Left side is a sticky main menu bar which is scrollable Main page has a video banner and a list of videos in grid layout. Second page is a video detail You can adapt this Bootstrap 4 CSS layout for Diagoona is a Bootstrap v4. This has a semi-transparent diagonal overlay on background images. There are Business Oriented is free CSS template that focuses on corporate websites.

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TLM Studio Microphone. TLM Big sound for small studios: The TLM is Neumann’s most affordable large diaphragm condenser microphone to date.

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